System requirements:
  • PHP 5.1 or above
  • Smarty / PHPTAL / Savant 2 (one of PHP template engine)
  • PEAR Log package (optional)

KEVIX can be used on both Unix and Windows platforms.

System environment:
  • Variable "register_global" in php.ini must set to be "off".
  • The permission of 'temp' folder in framework folder (i.e. by default, 'lib/kevix/') should set to have enough right for framework writing temp file(s) in there.
Step by step:
  1. Unzip the framework zip in project root folder.

  2. If you want to move the framework main folder (lib/kevix) within the project folder, you can do following :
    • Open "ActionHandler.php" file and find the following statement:

      define( 'FRAMEWORK_RELATIVE_LOCATION', 'lib/' );

    • By default, the framework main folder is located in "lib" folder. You can change the location by changing the value of "FRAMEWORK_RELATIVE_LOCATION" variable. For example, if you want to move folder in "<project root> /otherCode" folder, you should modify :
      define("FRAMEWORK_RELATIVE_LOCATION", "otherCode /");

  3. Define root folder of action class in "". This file is located in "<main framework folder> /config/". " $framework["actionDIR"]" variable is used to define the root folder of action class. For example, if the root folder of action class is "<project root> /class/action" folder, you should modify :
    $framework["actionDIR"] = " class / action/ ";

  4. If you want to use "Smarty" for template engine, you should change to value of " $Smarty["viewerDirPath"]" in "<main framework folder>/config/". This value is the relative location of folder which is store "Smarty template engine". By default, the value is "lib/Smarty".
Advanced Configuration:
  1. (kevix/config/ :
    This is main setting file of framework.
    $framework["cachingMappingFile"] = true;
    $framework["actionDIR"] = "class/action";
    $framework["viewerType"] = "Smarty";

    • $framework["cachingMappingFile"] :
      Whether all mapping files cached into one temp file or not.

    • $framework["actionDIR"] :
      The relative location of root directory of all action classes.

    • $framework["viewerType"] :
      The type of software which is chosen for view part processing (Smarty/PHPTAL/Savant2)

      *notes: Smarty framework is preferred to be used. Although you can integrate with PHPTAL or Savant 2 automatically by changing this value, some of feature(s) in these two template engines cannot be used or limited to use.(i.e. Filtering function in these two template engines, etcK)

  2. (lib/kevix/ :
    It stores all init values of template engines. All array key names are the same as template engines' configure names. Please refer relative Template engine website to set the value.
    /* Init values of Smarty */
    $Smarty["viewerDirPath"] = "lib/smarty/";
    $Smarty["template_dir"] = 'template/';
    $Smarty["compile_dir"] = 'template_c/';
    $Smarty["config_dir"] = 'lib/smarty/';
    $Smarty["left_delimiter"] = '{';
    $Smarty["right_delimiter"] = '}';

    /* Init values of PHPTAL*/

    /* Init values of Savant 2 */

    $Savant2["compileDir"] = "template_c/";
    $Savant2["template"] = "template/";
    $Savant2["forceCompile"] = false;
    $Savant2["prefix"] = "{";
    $Savant2["suffix"] = "}";
    $Savant2["allowPHP"] = false;