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News :
(17-04-2006) My another project --- kObject (Kevix Object) will be released as soon as possible. It is open source PHP object persistence framework. It will be included into KEVIX framework or published as individual package.
(08-03-2006) KEVIX 0.5 beta 2 version is released! It adds some new features that it support PHP file for view part and can redirect to other URL . That means it does not only support to use template engine for view part only. It can also support action chain.
(22-02-2006) KEVIX 0.5 beta version is released! Many features are added and user guide is ready. By considering limit of PHP 4, this framework of PHP 4 version will not be written.
(15-02-2006) KEVIX framework 0.1 Alpha preview version is released! It is released for public testing.
(06-02-2006) Offical website is set up! Sorry for bad design of this website. I will improve it. Some parts will also be added later.
Introduction :
KEVIX Framework is action-based /Object-oriented PHP 5 framework. It is similar to WebWork Framework. It provides MVC model structure for web developer.
License :
KEVIX framework is licensed under a LGPL license.
Feature :
  • Object-oriented action class based
  • Validation check
  • Auto set all received data (From POST/GET) into action class of all "set" methods
  • MVC framework, integrated Smarty for view part
  • Mapping between View & controller by using XML setting file
  • Cache mapping file setting from XML format.
  • Support type 2 of IOC ( Inversion of Control )
  • Provide useful util class for developer
    (i.e. Calendar / PropertiesReader / Validator / StringUtil / Application / XML parser)
  • Support emulate Application variable like ASP application variable
  • Add filter supporting
  • Build-in filters
    Application filter, validation filter, IoC component filter, File upload filter, Log filter (not finish) , I18N filter (not finish)
  • Easy to work with Smarty / PHPTAL / Savant 2 for template engine.
  • Easy for debug by using PHP Unit
Next version (1.0) new features :
  • AJAX support
  • Framework will have our own template engine.
  • Add more useful class tools.
  • Security tool.
©2006 Copyright by Kevin Lee